You are wanted


It all started when…

when you were brave enough to apply to UniTechs First ever Blockchain event focused on diversity and women. Bravo!

The next step (to make sure you will not lose your spot) is two things

submit your information (step 1) and pay the administration fee of 125 SEK (step 2).

You will have access to:

  • BlockGeeks Blockchain education (worth 30 000 SEK)

  • Mentors globally as locally

  • Access to our office for studies and pre-hacks meeting

  • Access to Unitechs Slacks meetings

  • Conference ticket

  • VIP party access

  • All food, water & yummy snacks for the three day Hackathon

  • A lifetime of membership of UniTechs awesome network

  • Awesome fun and a lot of exposure

When finally registered you will receive more information closer to the start date of May 20th.

There are two buttons you need to click to secure your spot

  1. You have to submit the information

  2. Pay the ADMINISTRATION fee of 125 SEK


Step 1

Name *
Food Preference
Breverage *

step 2