Unitech hackathon


It’s time to for Swedens first UniTech Hackathon & 4 months education. This event serves our mission to grow the economic, professional and leadership potential of women, inter-genders and a more diverse attendees into blockchain and AI technologies through education, mentorship, business and diverse employment opportunities. UniTechs Hackathon is a combination of a technology competition and an educational conference that is running side by side at blockblocks.co space at Karlaplan for the three consecutive days including overnights.

The program for this year’s event is to be released in within the coming months and the tickets will be released later this summer. You can expect decentralized hacking and hacker project presentations, debates, panels, keynote speakers and workshops led by blockchain and AI world leaders. Last but not least a networking cocktail reception, VIP Part and live performances.

Together with our sponsor blockgeeks.com we will provide all participants with FREE online blockchain education for 4 months that will take place before the Hackathon. We are inviting the most outstanding blockchain professionals from all over the world to speak and share their knowledge on stage and through mentorship.

After you have applied you will receive a confirmation email with more information to secure your spot.

All participants will get a FREE access to our partners educational resources such as BlockGeeks courses and all our Live webinars.

What to expect!

Three days of the Blockchain and AI:

Workshops, Keynote Speakers, Panels, Debates

You will meet and connect with:

Blockchain Developers, AI Developers, Venture Capitalists, Top Blockchain and AI businesses, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Scientists.

You will also enjoy:

Conference with all meals included, Cocktails and Entertainment, A selection of the best best AI and Blockchain hacker teams presentations

Award ceremony for the UniTech of the year.

Mentors are welcome to join

We also invite MENTORS to help our hackers during project development. If you are an experienced blockchain developer and would like to help our participants to code, please apply and get a free access to the event.

Would you like to speak and inspire sweden’s next 100 blockchain developer?

Apply to sponsor:

This event will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a 3-day event and the first of it’s kind! Among sponsorship benefits are:

Workshops opportunities

Speaking opportunities

Panel opportunities

Judging opportunities

Complimentary tickets, including VIP tickets

Opportunities to promote your business

Opportunity to connect to and hire blockchain and AI developers, business analysts, bockchain attorneys, whitepaper reviewers etc.