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Registration deadline is May 15 2019, but we only have 100 spots and might close registration earlier once we fill up. Please complete this application form and we will get back to you on whether you are accepted or not.

HACKER – Come up with an idea of a blockchain or AI application and develop a working prototype using any blockchain or AI technology. In case you don’t have an experience in that – no worries. You will have free access to all BlockGeeks.com online courses and live webinars. Our mentors will be helping you to code. You will have access to workshops onsite. You will have 24 hours to finish your prototype. Teams can be formed ahead of time over Slack or at the pre-hacking, team building event prior to the hackathon. Ticket purchase will be required in order to reserve your hackathon seat as there are only limited amount of seats available.

Mentors of all genders are welcome. Please fill separate mentor application. Hackers and mentors are welcome to attend workshops, speeches and talks, but will be encouraged to focus most of their time on building a blockchain-based project to present on Sunday afternoon.

Applications are approved based on interest in blockchain and demonstrated ability to code or contribute meaningfully to a project. Applications from Sweden will only be accepted as hackers.

PLEASE NOTE that non-developers are welcome to apply as well. Each hacker team will consist of 2-4 individuals with diverse skill sets. If you have something you think you can add to the ecosystem.

Solo hackers are invited to register and will have the opportunity to meet people prior to the event at online Slack group, or during team building session held on Friday, the first day of the event.

Established teams are welcome to register. Please register individually. We can also accept your registrations and have a technology to join this hackathon remotely.

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